We’ll help you bring your old memories to life, right in your living room. 

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Old photos and albums.

What We Digitize

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We’ll give your old tapes new life as we meticulously give your memories a modern upgrade.
  • Beta Tapes
  • VHS-C Tapes
  • Hi8 Tapes
  • And other formats
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Our frame-by-frame detailed process keeps – and in some cases, improves – your old film so that you can enjoy it for years to come. 
  • 8mm Films
  • 35mm Film Reels
    35mm Negatives
  • Old Color Slides
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We care for each photo and negative as if it were our own, digitizing and organizing them for easy recall whenever you want to share them.
  • Photo albums
  • Family photos
  • Film Negatives
  • Scope pictures
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We’ll take your audio from unplayable to unforgettable as we transfer them to easily accessible digital files.
  • Vinyl Records
  • Reel-to-reel Audio Tapes
  • Cassette Tapes Micro
  • Cassette Tapes

Worried about the current quality of your media?

In many cases, we can help.
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Image Restoration

Image restoration is our true labor of love! By taking a high-quality scan and editing each pixel on the image, we’re able to repair damaged photos – and even add elements that might be missing –  to deliver a version even better than the original.
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Video Sharpening & Brightening

Time and temperature can be the silent killer of old films and tapes, making them dark or discolored. We do our best to bring it back to life and look as close to the original as possible through brightening, sharpening, and color correction.
We happily serve the Southern Maryland and Annapolis region as well as with customers from out of state. Outside of our pickup region, and want to work with us?
Contact us with more information about your project, and we’ll share how we can help!Schedule a Pickup/Drop Off

We believe your history is something special.

We see it every day: you have dozens of memories, frozen in time inside outdated tech. But the process of modernizing those memories isn’t as easy as it should be in the current century.

Will my tapes get damaged in the mail?
Will they take good care of my delicate film?
Can I ask questions to the person working on my media?

It’s not like we have cell phones full of photos from our past. We have this one moment that’s been captured and kept for years! It should be treated as a treasured artifact from your family history.

At Crow Digital, we’ll ensure that one moment is kept safe and secure. We’re passionate about bringing your past to life with today’s technology. Schedule a pick-up and feel confident that your memories are in good hands!
Schedule a Pickup/Drop Off
Photo caption: Brian McDaniel, Owner & Digital Editor
Aaron McDaniel, Digital Editor


We pick up and deliver in the Southern Maryland area and Annapolis region. Our location is also open for drop-offs if convenient for you!
Yes! We’ve served customers as far as Texas out west and folks from New York and New Jersey on the East.

To keep your project safe in the mail, please call or email us. We’ll find out more about your needs, and we’ll provide you with specific instructions on sending us your project.
We can share your newly digitized files in whatever way is most accessible for you, including Cloud Download, USB, BluRay, or DVD.
Yes! We treat your media as if it were our own family history. We keep you updated at every turn so that you always know how your project is going. And, if you mailed in your media, we’ll notify you as soon as it arrives.
All work is performed in our offices in Hungtingtown, Maryland. We never outsource your files and there are no middlemen. Only our dedicated experts will work with your memories!
Feel free to contact us about the project you have and we will send you specific pricing based on project size.
Old photos of families and memories.

Revisit your most cherished moments from your choice of device. 

Preserve your memories for years to come with
the experts at Crow Digital in Calvert County.
Schedule a Pickup/Drop Off
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